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Outside The Prison

The following is a brief, informal response to Noah Wardrip-Fruin’s The Prison-House of Data from the perspective of a PhD student in Digital Media Studies. From August 2010 to August 2011 I worked for a software company that specialized in pattern-recognition and data-mining. The company’s objective was to produced software that collected and processed data in order […]

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Variable Patriarchy

In the bevy of articles and books on the Wonders of the Internet™ one aspect seems to have become a mainstay of academic interest: the variability of words (or signifiers). A good measure of this hype comes from the simple fact that for centuries the printed word was fixed, locked in place by the printing […]

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A Web Narrative Manifesto

Overview In this article I will be explicating and assessing the real-time web-narrative The Bureau from two perspectives: Concept and Gameplay. Prior to plunging into those subheadings, however, I would like to preface this essay with a few remarks on my theoretical bent. Firstly, much of my current research follows from the McLuhanist principle that an […]

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The Bureau: A Real-Time Mystery

To recap: The Bureau is an interactive web-based narrative told in real-time over 5 weeks. It’s part blog, part video game set against a series of gruesome murders in a small Washington town. Followers of The Bureau engage with the devices and materials on the desk of Agent Michael Kim, the lead investigator assigned to the […]

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The Long Khan

The life of Fritz Kahn is one of hardship, terror and intrigue. His books, at one time celebrated contributions to German culture, were burned by the Nazis and he narrowly escaped the reach of the Third Reich with the aid of Elbert Einstein. His work preceded the Second World War but in some ways presaged […]

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