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Have you ever wondered what the news looks like between two countries? News Across Borders presents five days of media coverage between the U.S. and Canada using interactive image overlays. Utilizing Marcos Weskamp’s visualization software, which arranges stories by coverage (size) and colour (topic), News Across Borders is a comparison of priorities, problems, and politics in the mainstream media between these neighbouring nations.


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The time period (Feb 7th – 11th, 2013) was marked by an impending snowstorm and capped off with the Grammys. Some points of interest include:

  • Canada marginalizing national in favour of world news, while the U.S. does just the opposite (Feb 7th)
  • Spikes in national coverage of the storm in the U.S. while Canadian media remain fixated on civil unrest abroad (Feb 9th)
  • Both countries pushing the Christopher Dorner situation from an entertainment angle (Feb 10th)


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