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Guerilla Phenomenology

Art as Sensory Pharmakon & the Mass Media Overdose The following presentation is a thought experiment that, in all seriousness, asks you to examine the nature of media. I honestly believe that social, political, and financial challenges, as well as the far more imposing ecological crisis, can be approached and potentially mitigated by our prompt, […]

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Idiosyncratic Pixels

What the World’s Smallest Camera Can Tell Us About Reality Earlier this week I’d tasked myself with making practical pitches about my rather abstract work. At one point I tried to describe how each object in the world has its own distorted perspective on the world and the analogy I’d used was a crowd of […]

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Practical Application

Every once in a while someone outside of my head asks: ‘So, what’s your work mean outside of your research? I mean, what’s the practical application?’ At this point I hum and haw, muttering something about the capacity for media to change the world while simultaneously trying to explain just how fundamental ontology is, even […]


A Dissertation Manifesto

Alright, here we go: media studies meets ontology with a topological twist! First off, I look at media the way McLuhan viewed them: as extensions of the human senses and as metaphors for understanding the world around us. He once remarked that ‘the content of a medium is another medium.’ I take this to mean […]

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